Your Partner In Power!
Your Partner In Power!

Experience Counts!

New Construction

Litchy Electric understands what makes new construction go smoothly because we have done so much of it,  for so long.  Co-ordination and communication (with other subs, our general contractor, design professionals, utility providers and inspectors ) is the key to any job being successful.  We work everyday to improve our performance in these areas.


We have worked multiple times in just about every municipality in Southern Nevada.  We understand the building codes and we respect the knowledge of the building inspectors. 


We have worked with Nevada Energy and other utility providers frequently for ten years. 


What does all this mean to you?  It means that we have the expereince to get your job done correctly, as quicly as possible.


We are your Partner in Power!


Litchy Electric LLC
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Our Crews


At Litchy Electric, LLC, we execute our projects using the highest levels of professionalism and safety.  When it comes to choosing an electrician or fire alarm contractor in Southern Nevada, choosing Litchy Electric is the smart choice.


Our crews stay up to date with all codes and new products and will keep you well informed at every stage of the project. 

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